Batman: Arkham Origins

Batman: Arkham Origins is a prequel to Batman: Arkham Asylum and Batman: Arkham City. Arkham Origins was released October 25, 2013 for the PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Wii U. This title will not be appearing on the Xbox One or the Playstation 4.

As the title suggests, Batman: Arkham Origins takes place long before both of the existing Arkham titles, when a young and inexperienced Batman will encounter many villains for the first time. Arkham Origins follows Batman through a variety of familiar locales throughout Gotham City.


Batman: Arkham Origins includes a large cast of Characters.


Does he need any introduction? Batman, aka Bruce Wayne, is the protagonist of the Batman: Arkham Series and will return to kick some more supervillain backside in Arkham Origins.

Since the game is confirmed to take place in a currently unspecified time frame (all we know is it's before the events of Arkham Asylum and Batman is much younger), the title will focus on Batman's first encounter with a band of supervillains who are out for his blood.

For the first time in the Arkham series Batman will not be voiced by longtime Batman voice actor Kevin Conroy, instead The caped crusader will be voiced by Roger Craig Smith.


Robin, the Boy Wonder (Dick Grayson) appears as a playable character in the online multiplayer modes. As there will be no multiplayer on Wii U, there is no confirmation that Robin will be playable on the console.


Jim Gordon is a Gotham City Police Captain in Batman: Arkham Origins.

Gordon begins the game as an adversary of Batman, though he hopes to capture the Caped Crusader rather than to kill him.


Black Mask is the second confirmed villain to be making an appearance in Batman: Arkham Origins.

He's been referenced before in both Arkham Asylum and Arkham City, and had a small appearance in an Arkham City Challenge Mode Campaign via the Robin DLC. This game will mark his first full appearance in the series.

It is assumed that the Black Mask present in Arkham Origins will be Roman Sionis, whose factory was The Joker's base of operations in Batman Arkham City.

Since Arkham Origins takes place long before Arkham Asylum and City, this may be the first time Batman ever encounters Black Mask.

He's behind the events of the game as he puts a $50 million hit contract on Batman for any person who can kill him causing the most lethal assassins around to target him.


Along with Bane, Joker is the leader of one of the two playable gangs in the Multiplayer game modes. Players can let the Joker in the match via point streaks, and even play as the character, as was shown in footage of the Multiplayer Beta.

As seen in the E3 demo, it doesn't seem that he intends to kill Batman, as he is just threatening to bomb buildings throughout the night.

In Arkham Origins, the Joker will be voiced by Troy Baker.


The Arkham Origins incarnation of this relatively obscure Batman Villain is a high-tech, flame-wielding assassin in a flight suit.

Unstable, erratic individual with advanced weaponry and demolition skills. Lynns is equipped with a military-grade flamethrower and custom light assembly acquired from an unascertained source. Has been alleged to steal chemical materials in bulk - aviation fuels, various chemical primers, and restricted reagents that suggest a specific chemical requirement for both the flight fuels and his incinerator device.

His source files denote extensive psychological issues. Top level summary is that Lynns displays a total disregard for his well being at a level that would be classified as irrational. Extreme disregard for his own safety - this has caused or is symptomatic of the degree of burns he has suffered across his entire body. Training in pyrotechnics means that Lynns is skilled in the construction of incendiary devices, both handheld "pipebomb" size and large-scale demolition level charges.


Bane is one of the eight assassins hired by Black Mask to hunt down and kill the Batman. Bane has recently been fetured in the previous two Arkham games, Arkham Asylum and Arkham City. His role in Akham Asylum was not major, but was a key element in the unraveling of the plan of Joker. Bane is also in as a sidemission in Arkham City where you had to find the remaining Titan formula, smuggled into Arkham City by the Joker. Later, when you have destroyed your half of the Titan containers, it is revealed that Bane was not destroying his half. He was instead smuggling it back to the Krank & Co. toy facility where he planned on using the Titan for his own personal gain. Batman captured him, however, and destroyed the rest of the Titan that he and Bane had collected.


Copperhead is a female acrobat contortionist who can go toe-to-toe with Batman. Copperhead is one of the eight assassins featured in Batman: Arkham Origins, hired by Black Mask to kill Batman. She was unveiled at Comic Con International 2013 in San Diego at a panel for the game.


Oswald Cobblepot, better known as The Penguin, is shown to be a returning villain in Arkham Origins.

His appearance is very similar to how he looked in Arkham City, though the game does take place before the bar brawl that took his left eye.

Nolan North has also been confirmed to reprise his role as The Penguin from Arkham City.


In Batman: Arkham Origins, the Caped Crusader supplements his intellect and training with an arsenal of non-lethal weapons and utility-belt gadgets.

Though many sequences in Batman require fistacuffs, some puzzles can only be solved through gadgets. Additionally, Batman’s distance weapons can soften up a group of enemies and equalize an otherwise dangerous melee encounter.

Batman's newest weapon is easily his most effective. While not an instant "I win" button, the Shock Gloves are ridiculously effective, breaking through all defenses and allowing Batman to attack previously unblockable foes. Shock Gloves begin an encounter disarmed and charge as your combos progress, and reach an activation combat after you land several blows. Once switched on, they deal tremendous damage, damaging even bosses with relative ease.

As a secondary function, Shock Gloves can charge capacitors to activate some machines.

Batarangs are stunning shuriken employed by the Batman. Batarangs do very little damage on their own, but knock many enemies to the ground where they are vulnerable to takedown.

Batarangs are also useful for hitting switches from a distance. In sufficient quantity they can incapacitate single foes.
Remote Controlled Batarang

The Remote Controlled Batarang is mostly a puzzle-solving tool. Thrown through an electrical field, it can short out fuse boxes, opening doors. Its controls are aircraft style, operating inverted.

Gas Pellets render your foes blind for a few seconds. Thrown next to a foe, they allow Batman to attack with Detective Vision with little chance of being counter-attacked. Thrown next to Batman, they protect him from gunfire for a short time.

Gas Pellets disperse after a few seconds of use.

The Batclaw allows Batman to climb to high ledges and swing between Vantage Points. The Batclaw also allows the user to attack single enemies, slamming them into hard objects. The rope can also be used to tear Vents from walls. Additionally, the Batclaw can help Batman direct any raft he is standing on by grappling and pulling toward the desired grapple point.

When upgraded, the Batclaw can also disarm opponents.

The Remote Grapple allows Batman to create cable threads between two valid targets. By targeting two Anchor Points, Batman can create a slender bridge perfect for ambushes, crossing spans, or for service as a zip line. The Remote grapple can also be used to pull two enemies together, stunning both, or to pull a fuel tank or fire extinguisher toward an enemy creating an explosion or a cloud of smoke.

After an upgrade, the Remote Grapple is capable of executing Takedowns.

The Disruptor is a single-target weapon useful for disabling scramblers. The Disruptor takes about one second to deploy and temporarily shorts out devices which block use of your Cryptographic Sequencer and Detective Vision.

A second more potent use of the disruptor is its magical power to disable the mechanical function of firearms. Any armed foe targeted by the Disruptor loses his ability to shoot for several seconds. This is ridiculously handy.

After an upgrade, the Disruptor can be used to disable intercom systems in Predator encounters.

Batman's Explosive Gel is mostly used for opening passageways, but in proper hands it's a wonderful Predator-mode weapon. A single close-proximity blast will knock out a passing enemy, and Gel quick-sprayed in combat can disrupt a large group of opponents.


Batman: Arkham Origins includes three types of special Challenges: Combat Training, Combat Challenges, and Predator Challenges.

The goal in challenge mode is to earn all 288 medals. You can play the same challenge in different modes (Ranked, Campaign, Custom) to earn new medals. The requirements will always be the same for each map, no matter what mode you are playing.

Beat the story and play through campaign challenge mode (which is a mix of combat and predator) to unlock all 24 challenge maps.

As the name suggests, these are just some basic training episodes that introduce you to the fighting system of Arkham Origins. There are 12 of them in total.

All of these challenges are very easy. To unlock all of them you need to buy upgrades for Batman in story mode.

There are 12 different Combat Challenge Maps. You can play them in different challenge modes and add modifiers, but the requirements will always be the same. You just need to reach a certain point threshold by the end of the fourth round. You get points for every attack and counter you perform.

The most important thing is your multiplier. There's a very easy trick to avoid being hit. Land one standard strike, then jump over an enemy and repeat. None of the enemies will be able to hit you if you are jumping quick enough. It takes a little longer than countering and fighting the normal way, but it's much safer and easier to do. If you have already unlocked the Shock Gloves you should activate them to get a x2 multiplier with each hit.

Always kill the last 2-3 enemies with a ground pound finisher at the end of each round. If you manage to keep your multiplier going, you will get massive points for performing a ground pound. You can use the ultra cape stun against the last few enemies to knock them out for a while. Gives you more than enough time to perform a ground pound on an enemy.

The best combo finisher to farm points is the batswarm. It will hit and confuse all surrounding enemies without causing damage. Doing this in large groups of enemies, while having a x50 multiplier or higher, will give you insane points.

There are 12 different Predator Challenge Maps. You can play them in different challenge modes and add modifiers, but the requirements will always be the same. Challenges automatically become available when playing through the story. To unlock the six extreme versions you need to beat campaign challenges. Certain abilities and gadgets are needed for some of the medals, so it's highly recommended to complete the story first and buy all of Batman's upgrades.